New Profile Posts

  1. TheSpaniard
    Hark, the Spaniard returns!
  2. hansolo
    hansolo Suomak
    Cod the rare advisor conv 20% IGN hansolo
  3. Exclusive0r
    Happy to be playing crete in AOEO
  4. PaizzZ
  5. Exclusive0r
    Just enjoying the good ole days
  6. JacquesKrige
  7. Kulcsos12
  8. Beb77
    Beb77 Kulcsos12
    Ave Caesar :)
  9. Oranges
    Oranges PF2K
    My name jeff
  10. Kenji03
    Kenji03 Luciano
    If you are UnluckyLuciano on the AOEO wiki, I'm back from my hiatus and would be happy to promote your user level on the wiki to give you more control.
  11. Francis Lussier
  12. rtsgamer
    AoE 4 ever
  13. Florent2b
    Florent2b NCSGeek
    hello, I have some issues with the came, when I click "play online" on the celeste laucher it prings me in offline mod , how can I change it?
  14. Greeky
    How ya doing
  15. StrikerEureka
    #Norse #Terran
  16. Kenji03
  17. Kenji03
    Kenji03 UberJumper
    So, wanted to thank you for donating so much. I cannot afford to donate, so your donations have really helped keep this server alive for me to enjoy
  18. karkos11
    Hallo! Wie geth's??
  19. HolySkillzZ
    finallly 900 gear score :p
  20. Ashley Lum
    Ashley Lum
    Be nice to my sister (Juliette Lum)
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